Why should you become a diving instructor?

Choose a job that you love and you will never work, not even for a day in your whole life

There are many reasons that may push you to achieve the certification of diving instructor. Without a doubt on reason could be the ability to turn your passion into everyday job. Transform a coral reef in your “office”, in your wetsuit uniform, and be paid to teach what you love most. This is a privilege enjoyed only by few, but life is short, so why let this opportunity be missed? For a young adult, this could be the first step to opening up working relations at an international level, broadening their horizons, creating opportunities to learn about new cultures, and learn new languages. For an older adult it could be an opportunity to make a change in life or realize a dream. Working as a part-time instructor is a perfect way to have an additional job as a freelancer near home or in a tropical country. For others, it can instead remain a hobby, with the Instructor certification offering you more in depth knowledge. The reasons to become a Dive Instructor are numerous, with everyone having their own personal feelings. However, becoming a Scuba Instructor should be seen as a new starting point, allowing you to further develop your knowledge and skills and share them with other people.