Suex DPVs


Suex is the one of the industries leading manufacturers when it comes to DPV’s. Their innovation and technology are constantly evolving creating incredible products for us as divers to enjoy.

We work with Suex to provide our customers with a unique experience. The scooters allow us to reach areas of the dive sites easier and quicker, allowing us to enjoy the dive sites for longer. During your experience you will be provided with an introduction on how the DPV works and how to use it underwater. We will navigate you through the water while you enjoy the feeling of flying along the reefs. If you are interested in taking the course, all of our instructors are qualified to teach the DPV specialty. In just two dives you can be certified to use DPV’s in any area of the world.

As well as offering experiences at our own centre, Orangeshark are the distributer for scooters on Malta. We provide the logistics for buying and maintenance of the DPV’s for diving centres across the island.