The Boat

  • PAOLA ONE is an Qalfat 30ft of the homonymous gozitan yard: 10m long and 4m wide, it is equipped with all the comforts that divers and their companions need.The deck is very spacious, giving the possibility to change comfortably on board; the seats provide the space behind each diver to place the tank for the first dive, with the scuba unit already assembled, plus the space for the cylinders for the second dive: thank to this you don’t have to lift or move the tanks from their position when is the time to exchange the cylinder for the following dive; under each seat there is also the space for the weights and the box with the scuba gear.On board there is a toilet, on the same level of the deck, and a shower with fresh water to rinse off the salt after the dive.

    We always take a fridge on board and provide water free of charge in order to stay hydrated even in hottest summer days. Coffee and tea are offered as well.

    The stern platform allow the divers to easily stride into the water, and it is equipped with two very comfortable ladders.

    In addition to the safety features of the boat, there is always an oxygen tank and the first aid kit on board.

    Thanks to Paola One we can reach all the diving spots of the Maltese archipelago:

    The most popular boat dives are in Comino and we can get them in 10 minutes.

    We can navigate up to north of Gozo dive sites in 1 hour enjoying the fabulous cliff landscape of the island.

    We are waiting for you, for unforgettable dives aboard our Paola One!