About Malta


Reconfirming itself every year in the first places among the world-best diving destinations, Malta is undoubtedly an essential destination in the Mediterranean Sea for all the scuba lovers.

Despite the size, the Maltese islands have more dive spots than any other diving destination in the Mediterranean. Among the sites that are divided between those with shore access and those accessible only by boat, there are in total more than 70 spots! On over 280 km of coastline surrounding Malta, Gozo and Comino, OrangeShark knows and proposes all the best dive sites of the archipelago.


Maltese sea is famous for its crystal clear waters: you will find up to 40m of visibility combined with an enviable temperature of the water which can reach even 28° during the summer. This, combined with the absence of strong currents or tidal excursions, makes Malta an ideal destination for divers of any level, in particular for those who want to dive for the first time. The most of the shore dive sites are characterized by easy access, periodically maintained, making them suitable for anyone.

More than 25 wrecks surround the archipelago, offering exciting dives and exceptional photographic opportunity: you will find historical shipwrecks from WWI and WWII, and also shipwrecks scuttled on purpose for diving attractions; among them, the less deep wrecks are

ideal for entry level divers or students while the deeper wrecks attract experienced divers from all around the world, including wrecks between 40 and 80m suitable for tec divers. Beautiful reefs and drop-offs, breathtaking caverns that surround all the coasts of the three islands, impressive wrecks, shore or boat dives at any kind of depth: this variety guarantees that you will never get bored diving in Malta!

Malta is renowned for the high professionalism offered by local diving centres, making this place well known to the european divers who want to start or continue their dive training, especially for those who aspire to become Dive Master or Scuba Instructor, who will find in Malta courses and exam scheduled all year long.



The Maltese archipelago is virtually at the center of the Mediterranean Sea, 93 km south of Sicily. Malta can be easily reached in a few hours by direct flights from all the major european cities, and also offers excellent intercontinental connections.

The national airline Air Malta operates flights to and from all the major airports in Europe, North Africa and Middle East.

Contact OrangeShark before booking your flight with Air Malta: we will provide you a code to get 10% discount on the flight ticket price.

Many other companies, even low-cost ones, offer flights at very affordable prices.

For a list of airlines coming to Malta, click here

NB: OrangeShark offers a transfer service from/to the airport/hotel at € 30.00 per person (min x2) return.


Many Mediterranean ports are regularly connected to Malta through FERRY.

A fast catamaran connects daily Sicily and Malta (Pozzallo-Valletta) all year round in less than 2 hours navigation. More details on http://www.virtuferries.com/