OrangeShark is Ocean Reef Full-Face Mask Dealer because we believe this brand offers the best integrated mask on the market for sport diving.

There are several benefits to diving with a Full-Face Mask mask:

  • breathing through the nose like Mother nature taught us;
  • protecting ourselves from the cold. Why leave our most delicate areas exposed to the cold? Dry suits allow you to keep your body warm, hoods keep the head warm and full-face masks provide coverage for your entire face;
  • safety: if a full-face mask diver becomes unconscious underwater, the breathable air space in the mask assists in rescue;
  • overcome a difficulty for who keeping a second stage regulator in the mouth would represent a problem, like divers who use dentures, disabled divers and divers with temporomandibular joint disorders;
  • speak underwater: using optional communications devices will be possible to communicate underwater with a buddy or support team;
  • last but not least: because it’s fun! Diving with a full-face mask offers a different experience than diving with a conventional mask.


This course starts with a classroom session looking at the equipment and configuration considerations. You will learn how to set up these masks perfectly for you, this is particularly important when we talk about equalisation. The masks come in two different sizes with three different size plugs for various nose sizes. Fitting the correct size for you and adjusting them correctly makes all the difference.

In the water sessions you will get familiar with this new device and you will learn all the emergency procedures you have to know to handle potential problems that could occur while diving with an integrated mask.


The course consists of:

– knowledge developments

– 1 confined water session

– 2 open water adventure dives


Duration: minimum 2 days


Prerequisites: minimum PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent certification


Minimum age: 12 years old


Price includes: basic diving equipment hire, training dives, land transport from the hotel to the dive sites, manual and certification fee.

Price not includes: Full-face Mask hire.


SPECIAL OFFER:  € 650.00

Ocean Reef Neptune G-Divers Mask + PADI Full-face Mask Specialty Diver course