The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI), founded in California in 1966, is undisputedly the largest, most recognisable, and most widespread dive training agency in the world. Over a million PADI certifications are issued annually, meaning 3 out of 4 divers choose PADI. For those who wish to pursue Scuba Instructing as a career, choosing PADI is a wise choice and offers more job opportunities for new instructors. As a PADI professional, you will be given exclusive access to the PADI jobs board. Here, you can see employers looking for instructors worldwide. You can also post a advert offering yourself for employment so potential dive centres can approach you.

While some people are natural born leaders and will take to Scuba Instructing easily. many people start their PADI Instructor course by asking themselves: “How can I teach someone to breathe underwater?”. Using the PADI training system, you will learn how to organize and present information, conduct theoretical sessions, and lead confined and open water dives. by the end of the IDC, you will have the confidence and knowledge to transfer your diving skills to students. The teaching and leadership skills learned during the IDC will be incredibly useful even in everyday life. Previous Instructor candidates have testified that the training provided during their PADI IDC has improved their ability to communicate ideas. They feel more confidence when speaking in public, and have learned how to express constructive criticism. You will find out that being a PADI Instructor is so much more than just being an excellent diver!