Technical diving is a growing market, and so the demand for qualified PADI TecRec Instructor continues to increase. If you are a PADI professional who is passionate about technical diving and you want to join the ranks of Tec professionals, then your first step is to obtain a Tec Instructor certification.

At Orange Shark you will find a highly recognized centre for technical diving, with professionals who have gained years of experience in this field.

This is the list of the PADI tec courses that you can achieve at the instructor level at our centre:

  • TEC 40 Instructor
  • TEC 50 Instructor
  • TEC Trimix Instructor – You can teach all courses up to Tec Deep Diver and the Tec Trimix 65 and the Tec Trimix Diver courses.
  • TEC Sidemount Instructor – As TecRec Instructor you will be allowed to teach all the Tec Courses with open circuit system using the Sidemount configuration.
  • TEC Gas Blender Instructor – To enroll this course there is not the prerequisite of being a technical diver, but it requires you to be a PADI Enriched Air Instructor and have experience in making mixtures. You will be allowed to teach how to blend mixes containing Oxygen and Helium gases.

For further information regarding PADI Tec Instructor Courses contact us.