Alessio Tenenti

Alessio Tenenti

Director of Diving

Hello, my name is Alessio, I was born in Italy, in the wonderful city of  Venice. The sea has always played a significant role in my life and when I obtained my first scuba diving certification I was immediately in love with it: since gaining my qualification I have dived in every kind of condition throughout the years. Even my studies were influenced by my passion, so I studied for a five-year degree in Archaeology, specializing in Underwater Archeology. In 2013 I decided to turn my passion into my work, so I became a PADI instructor. In 2014 I arrived in Malta to work with Orangeshark and immediately I knew I had landed in the right place, it is so much like  I dreamed: Malta is the ideal place for a lover of history and sea as I am,  Orangeshark soon became my second home. Initially my contract was only for the summer ‘14, then in November of the same year I had great news: I was offered a fix contract making me a permanent member of the team  Thanks to Max I had the opportunity to improve my experience in tech diving and under the guidance of Steve I could grow  as an instructor inside the PADI system. , and now have achieved the PADI staff instructor rating. Thanks also to Paola who is always able to recreate a family atmosphere at work putting everyone at ease and in the best conditions to face any situation. Every customer soon becomes a friend, I’ll be happy to convey to you my strong passion for diving, share experiences and hopefully guide you in one of the many shipwrecks around the islands!


Spoken Languages:

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  • italian Italian
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