The Um El Faroud

Ease of Dive: ease4

Situated at the Blue Grotto in the south west of Malta. This 110 mtr long former Libyan oil tanker has long been a favorite with visiting divers to Malta. Built in England in 1969 Scuttled in 1998 she has since broke in half but this just makes for a far more interesting dive. It is possible to complete two dives on this fantastic wreck in one day, and some divers ask to dive it the very next day too. With some nice swim through's around the outside and lot's of marine life, this is one wreck that keeps divers coming back for more year after year. It is a dive for the experienced diver due to its depth.

For divers with a little bit experience it is possible to go inside a small distance, but only with Orangeshark diving centre's instructor guide.